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We are an independent post-punk record label founded by Erica Moulinier and Aaron Grey in 2017 and based in Pittsburgh, PA. Erica and Aaron successfully promoted post-punk shows and dance nights for years which prompted them to start a label informed by liberal politics, having roots in the DIY punk scene.


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As a post-punk record label, we view our work through the lens of politics first. It is important to us that we work in environments that feel safe for everyone involved. We are antiwar, anti-Nazi, and anti-fascist. Our post-punk record label explicitly supports LGBTQ rights. We are all inclusive based any and all racial and sexual identities. Additionally, our post-punk record label wants to help foster growth for all opened minded subcultures, including ones that are involved in the production of art, multimedia performances, zines, and other independent artistic endeavors, not just music.

Play Alone Records is an anti-corporate post-punk record label. We are a DIY ethosed entity, and we encourage others to start their own bands, labels, and artistic pursuits.

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