Silent Age - Display - Debut LP

Silent Age - Display - Debut LP

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Released: March 9th, 2019

Silent Age is a heartfelt melodic post-punk band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Display is their debut studio album, released on the 9th of March 2019.

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Patrick Donahoe - Vocals
Vincenzo Segretario - guitar
Julian Cabrera - Drums
Benny Hernandez - Bass
Brian Cundiff - Keyboard

(members of WINGTIPS and Iron Years)

Recorded with Brian Fox @ Altered States Recording Studio. March 2018.
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. August 2018.
Produced by Silent Age and Brian Fox.
Band photos by Ricardo Sanchez Aldaña. Mexico January 2018.
Layout, artwork, and photography by Fernando Juárez - Fantasmal.
PAR-004 | Play Alone Records

"Hints of The Sound and The Chameleons reverberate throughout the song, but there’s a sense of rhythm and melody that comes across like something you’d expect from Hüsker Dü." - Mark Buckley at AnalogueTrash

"An up and coming five-piece from Chicago, Silent Age offer their sharp and very melodious version of dark, post punk, akin to beloved past acts like The Sound, Sad Lovers and Giants and The Comsat Angels. The band just released their debut album, Display, on Play Alone Records, a collection of astute songs, all jangly and lush, masterfully produced and perfected through the auspicious act's rousing and ardent delivery." - destroy//exist

"The hardcore punk pedigree of the band is still there, but this is introspective music that betrays little of that influence except perhaps in the band’s own personal ethos. Silent Age – named after bassist Benny Hernandez’s enjoyment of old Charlie Chaplin films – are moody, fluid, dreamy. You can’t help but be thrown into a dark reverie while listening to their music." - Oliver Sheppard,

Silent Age Band Photo
Silent Age DisplayLimited White Vinyl

Display is a powerful and rich album, whose strength is in its lush melodies and uncompromising beats. The guitar and keyboard crescendo over pleading vocals and thoughtful lyrics. There is a meat and substance to this record, and you can dance to it, like all of our favorite post-punk. Silent Age proves they stand out in this resurgence of late 70s, early 80s, homogenized sounds. Calling forth remembrances of The Chameleons and The Sound, but with something distinctly their own. This is a must-have record for anyone who loves post-punk.

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