Death Instinct - The Offerings

Death Instinct - The Offerings

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Death Instinct - The Offerings E.P - Post-Punk / Shoegaze

The Death Instinct debut E.P. "The Offerings" is out now!
Limited to 100 professionally mastered cassettes.

Death Instinct is a three-piece post-punk and shoegaze band formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2015. The group has performed in Pittsburgh since 2015, honing their live performance skills, garnering praise from local press and earning the opening slot for acclaimed national acts such as Black Marble, Adult, and Sextile.

The band's music has been compared to the Chameleons, Joy Division, the Soft Moon, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Death Instinct utilizes reverb-drenched guitars, tribal drum rhythms, and prominent, melodic basslines. The band integrates traditional post-punk, noisy shoegaze, darkwave, gothic rock, and psych rock in moods that range from chaotic and tense to hypnotic and ethereal.

The band sonically ranges from loud, motoric-driven tribal sensibilities of early Dead Can Dance and Swans to the delicate, reverb guitar sounds of the Chameleons and Soft Kill. However, a controlled intensity is a cohesive element throughout all tracks.

Lyrically, the four tracks of the Offerings E.P. are written in a stream of consciousness style depicting themes of personal loss and alienation in the postmodern age but contain threads of hope, optimism, and resolve underneath. The band's musical influences include the previously mentioned artists as well as the live show dynamics of A Place to Bury Strangers.

The live performance is an essential element to Death Instinct. The band rejects the notion of live music as artists "performing" for an audience and instead aspires to create an immersive auditory and sensory experience. The group's live shows are meant to be a cathartic experience that transcends everyday life. In an ideal world, the band seeks to eliminate the wall between creator and listener.

dead can dance review
- Blauerosen webzine

Death Instinct is releasing their debut E.P. "The Offerings" on Pittsburgh's Play Alone records in 2019. The E.P. was recorded and mixed by the artists themselves. The first and leading single "Secret Gardens" is an upbeat synth-driven track about emotional loss and hope.

Jon M. - Vocals, Guitar, and Synths 
Lynn P. - Bass
James V. - Drums 

All Songs Written and Recorded by Death Instinct
Mastering by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound Mastering 
Artwork/Layout by Death Instinct
death instinct shoegaze band
Photo by: Raquel Petersen 




Secret Gardens

i’m on the floor again
same place as when you went away
sometimes i watch the rain
and think of all i could say

nothing grows in the dark
but the flowers of pain

i take the hands of fate
secret Gardens await
tomorrow is another day
it’s never too late to seize the day



we come to life 
at night
inside the dark alley ways
your mind’s a drug that comes to life

open your eyes
look up to the sky
just open your eyes

the hunger grows
the feeling
the feeling you know

the places you feel
your mind is the only thing that’s real

and open your eyes
look up to the sky
just open your eyes



i’ve gone as far as i can go
gone farther than you’ll ever know
i’ve dragged myself up a hill
time and time again

i cannot hide
from what lies
inside my mind

the curtains drawn, an atrocity on display
the broken parts of me
casualties today
walking into unknown ways
self deception begins again and again

and i cannot hide
from what lies
inside my mind x2


The Eye

there’s a spectre haunting me
another side another me
shadows they hide away
don’t know if i’ll be set free

into the eye of madness
fall away

i’ve seen this place before
all memories fall to the floor
going through the open door
walking forward forevermore


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