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Nyx Division - "Orchid Rain" Single

Shamelessly straddling the line between masc & femme sensualities and aesthetics, Nyx Division’s premiere video release, “Orchid Rain”, embodies a liminal world that is as macho as it is fabulous, as sexy and it is refined, and as spotaneous as it is composed. 

Currently based in Portland, Nyx Division members Cole Tucker (Temple of Angels/Haunter), Alex Rivas (Adrenochrome/False Figure/Cruz De Navajas/Zotz), Masӧn (Deras Krig/Lӧckheed/B-WARD), & Domîno Monët (OVER/Trance To The Moon) previously hailed from Texas, Mexico, California, & Idaho before forming in 2021. Influences cover an expansive range; everything from New Wave of British Heavy Metal to Shoegaze can be traced in the sonic landscape Nyx Division creates. They gracefully incorporate a wide array of genres while maintaining their most salient roots being in Post-Punk. 

Nyx Division’s debut video for the single, “Orchid Rain” was born out of a love and appreciation for “all the things that made rock n’ roll, post-punk, and goth music irresistible to us”, says vocalist Domîno Monët. The sensual sleeze of Prince, the unassailable riffs of early era Scorpions, the unstoppable groove of the drum and bass present in the legendary hits of the early post-punk movement, and the powerful voices of icons like Pat Benetar and Ian Astbury are burning in the torch Nyx Division have found themselves carrying.  

Vocalist Domîno Monët describes the song as, “An exploration of sensuality through a queer/trans lens.” According to Monët, “The lyrics write themselves in concordance with what the rest of what the band cooks up. For this song, Cole came in with a guitar riff that was just SCREAMING for something sleazy, sexy, and tough. Alex and Mason provided this groove that was dripping with sensuality and power. The first time I heard it I thought, “This is like if The Cult wrote When Doves Cry”, and so I constructed the lyrics in the image of those two influences, but made them my own by making it about how much I love being queer and loving other queers.”

On the topic of queer love, Monët says, “In my independent research, as well as my passive experience watching “representation” become a more common subject of interest in the media world at large, I see time and time again that the trans/queer experience (among others) is often represented in a retraumatizing way. I understand why our sorrows are highlighted, but it can feel very minimizing. Almost as if we don’t exist outside of our collective trauma. But some of the happiest, kindest, most radically hilarious, compassionate people I have ever known have been my trans/queer family. I wanted to create a song that would allow room for us to be silly, sexy, awkward, genuine- however we best see fit- while also making a love song video that could be just as much for friends as it is for lovers. Too often we’re given this narrative that we can only be affectionate with people we’re dating, and the music video world definitely profits off that assumption. I wanted to showcase the closeness of queer friendships, as I believe that there is something truly unique, beautiful, and inspiring to be found there.”

Donning an entirely queer and/or trans cast (save for Slimer the dog), “Orchid Rain” takes influence from everything from the Skatt Bros. to Grace Jones, placing western grit in a shared frame with luxuriant floral arrangements, vivacious lighting, and powerful looks. 

“This video was definitely made with an intent to center queer/trans voices and experiences, but we also wanted it to be fun for everyone. We want everyone to have a seat at the table, because at the end of the day, we all need each other. Not in a corny, “toxic-positivity” way, but in a “this-is-increasingly-necessary-for-survival” way. The state of life right now is so severe. This is a truly disorienting time to be alive.”

“Things are undoubtedly, unprecedentedly NUTS, but when Nyx Division comes together to write, it’s equal parts magic and medicine. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say that making music together has been one of the single strongest threads keeping us in one piece through the ongoing insanity of this pandemic. We want that sense of fun and excitement to translate into our songs. Heaven knows we need to make space for a little happiness every so often. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better time than now.”

Nyx Division’s Orchid Rain is available now on bandcamp. The video is available on their YouTube channel. 

Nyx Division’s premiere release, Dark Star, will be available on vinyl and cassette courtesy of Play Alone Records. CDs will be available internationally via Bat-Cave Productions in Poland. Keep your eye peeled for release dates and general updates by following their instagram @nyxdivision. For more music, visit their bandcamp at nyxdivision.bandcamp.com. 


Nyx Division is a four piece post-punk/goth/rock n’ roll band based out of Portland, Oregon. Members Cole Tucker (Temple of Angels/Haunter), Alex Rivas (Adrenochrome/False Figure/Cruz De Navajas/Zotz), Masӧn (Deras Krig/Lӧckheed/B-WARD), & Monët Alarie (OVER/Trance To The Moon) came from Texas, California, Mexico, & Idaho to join forces in 2021. 

Collective influences range from New Wave of British Heavy Metal to Shoegaze, with our most salient roots being in Post-Punk. Nyx Division bears sonic likeness to early era Snake Corps, Scorpions, & Southern Death Cult. Exploring themes of identity, gender, love, & sensuality, Nyx Division strives to honor the darker side of rock n roll/post-punk with driving dance anthems, contagious riffs, and addictive melodies.

Amidst a backdrop of worldwide isolation, virulent illness, unrest, corruption, and struggle, Nyx Division found solace not only in the company of each other, but in the undeniable power of creating something new together. In an age where what is essential has been brought into unparalleled focus, Nyx Division claims a sound that reminds us to never forget that the resilience involved in allowing oneself to have fun in a world that remains expectant of misery is a revolutionary act all its own.