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Ky Vöss - Coping Mechanisms - Second Full Length LP

Official Release Date September 4th. This is the first video and single release. 

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Genres: synth pop, dream pop, industrial pop, witch house, electronic

Similar Artists: Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek, The Japanese House, Purity Ring, Grimes, Poppy, Alice Glass

Pronouns: they, their, and them

Ky Vöss - Masochism - Single

"Masochism" is a danceable take on an unsettling and deeply personal coping mechanism.


Ky Vöss - Artist Biography

Ky Vöss is an American producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Having adopted the full time persona “Ky Vöss” in 2017, Vöss walks the line between otherworldly and deeply human in a playful balance of carbonated synth-pop and sinister industrial beats.

Vöss’s music career began at the age of 8, growing up to pursue classical violin and orchestral composition on a professional level. In 2015 Vöss began her transition into pop music with the creation of the musical group “Crxmbs”, a dream pop/shoegaze band based out of Austin, Texas.

In 2017 Vöss relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where her focus shifted to electronic music and production. Her first solo record “Space Cadet” debuted in May of 2019.

Ky Vöss - Press coverage

"[Ky]...makes the best use of layers, strong effects, and a more loaded style of production, and becomes a genuine representation of the rising artist's creativity." - destroy//exist

"Electro pop done right. Fierce." - The Zine UK


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