Nyx Division - Dark Star

Nyx Division - Dark Star

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Nyx Division - Dark Star

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Nyx Division - Orchid Rain Single

Dark Star is the first EP from Portland’s Nyx Division, a post-punk|goth band. Running the sound gamut from British Heavy Metal to shoegaze to Grace Jones. The band is one of androgynous sensualities and aesthetics.

Interview with Nyx Division

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Nyx Division – Reckless Dark

Domîno Monët, vocalist and lyricist of Nyx Division, on the single: “Reckless Dark is about the tension that exists when you are still in the midst of breaking the uncertainty surrounding a new romance and the way that uncertainty shatters within the very exhilarating moments of a first kiss. I wanted to recreate, as best I could, that feeling of relief- like all the tumbling butterflies in your guts have finally been let free- & the euphoria of jumping head first into new love.”