Child of Night - The Walls at Dawn

Child of Night - The Walls at Dawn

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Child of Night - The Walls at Dawn (Pre-Sale)

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(the vinyl is still in production due to the ongoing bottleneck at pressing plants)

Filmed by Nathan Caraway

The Walls at Dawn Reviews

"Child of Night’s first LP, The Walls at Dawn, is a triumph: it emotes sorrow, hope, and a tenacity for survival all at once. Inspired by the idea of metamorphosis caused by a collapsing empire, the album clings a dystopian dismality—but is set in time to a dance beat...The Walls at Dawn recalls the severe post-punk of Interpol or Soft Moon to the low-fi electronics of Crystal Castles all in one." -

"...“Son” feels like the paradox that’s my life right now. The steady heartbeat of percussion and comforting post-punk melodies is the quiet space I’ve created to take shelter in, the one where I can go to remind myself I’m sane. The ominous imagery of the video is the chaos of opinion that we’re all so easily sucked into. But I have to remember that I can sit back into the music, and let their synths play on my brainwaves and take comfort in whatever moments of peace I can grasp at." - CVLT Nation

Video produced and directed by: James Quinn @infernalvoid

Co-Directed by: Caroline Angel @doompriestess

 Video by Joan Pope with Temple Ov Saturn.

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