Child of Night - The Walls at Dawn

Child of Night - The Walls at Dawn

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Child of Night - The Walls at Dawn

Filmed by Nathan Caraway

The Walls at Dawn Reviews

"Child of Night’s first LP, The Walls at Dawn, is a triumph: it emotes sorrow, hope, and a tenacity for survival all at once. Inspired by the idea of metamorphosis caused by a collapsing empire, the album clings a dystopian dismality—but is set in time to a dance beat...The Walls at Dawn recalls the severe post-punk of Interpol or Soft Moon to the low-fi electronics of Crystal Castles all in one." -

"...“Son” feels like the paradox that’s my life right now. The steady heartbeat of percussion and comforting post-punk melodies is the quiet space I’ve created to take shelter in, the one where I can go to remind myself I’m sane. The ominous imagery of the video is the chaos of opinion that we’re all so easily sucked into. But I have to remember that I can sit back into the music, and let their synths play on my brainwaves and take comfort in whatever moments of peace I can grasp at." - CVLT Nation

"Darkwave is a versatile beast, even when we’re leaving aside the innumerable variations of the style native to Italy and Germany. Columbus’ Child Of Night strike upon a winsome combination of sounds particular to classic American darkwave, the current wave of new dark synth in North America, and perhaps some influence from shoegaze and dreampop, on new LP The Walls At Dawn. Alternately shadowy and bright, clear and muffled, it’s a record which demonstrates just how much music of this ilk is shaped by atmosphere." - I Die:You Die

Video produced and directed by: James Quinn @infernalvoid

Co-Directed by: Caroline Angel @doompriestess

 Video by Joan Pope with Temple Ov Saturn.

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 Columbus, Ohio's enigmatic Child Of Night, a secretive ensemble shrouded in mystery, embarks on a mission to unleash psychologically captivating soundscapes. Their latest masterpiece, The Walls at Dawn, is a mesmerizing symphony of sound and vision, fusing darkwave, trance-inducing dreamscape, and mystical incantation into a frenzied vortex of psychedelia.

The hauntingly frigid synths in The Walls at Dawn conjures a foreboding aura of doom, painting a bleak picture of a world reduced to ashes. The monotone delivery of the end-of-the-world lyrics invokes the stoic gravitas of prophecy speakers and doomsday predictors. The dizzying visual accompaniments glitch and flicker, drawing listeners into a trance-like state of submission.

Child Of Night remains shrouded in secrecy, preferring to keep their identities concealed and let their music do the talking. The group roams in the shadows, bringing their innovative and experimental brand of sound and visuals to stages across the nation and gathering a cult following of like-minded individuals. Over the years, they have honed their ability to whip audiences into frenzied, ecstatic movements driven by the unconscious beat.

Initially, a duo formed by Jon and Tristan in 2017, Child Of Night unleashed two EPs, Breathless and Neither of These Alone Is Enough, earning a reputation for their gothic, lo-fi synthpunk. 

If you combined the sounds of Interpol, The Soft Moon, Cold Cave, and A Place To Bury Strangers, with a dash of the ominous film score stylings of John Carpenter and the creepy, atmospheric flair of Goblin, you would have Child of Night sending shivers down your spine. Their sonic concoction would embody the dark, brooding post-punk revival of Interpol, layered with the moody, minimalistic synthwave of The Soft Moon, the ominous coldwave of Cold Cave, and the abrasive, experimental noise rock of A Place To Bury Strangers. The result would be a haunting, atmospheric, and entrancing musical journey, infused with the suspenseful, eerie soundscapes of John Carpenter and the eerie, gothic ambiance of Goblin. This is music for the dark, the moody, and the restless, and it is not for the faint of heart.