Skull Fest 10 - Rituals Howls Show


On August 16th, 2018 Ritual Howls, American Nudism, Sisters of Shaddowwe, and Death Instinct played Skull Fest 10 and Play Alone Records had the privilege to DJ between bands. Here is our track listing for that set. 

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Forever Grey Love Is Temporary
Whispering Sons White Noise
Drab Majesty Cold Souls
She Past Away Rituel
Ash Code Nite Rite
Trust Dressed For Space
Way Out Arrival
Agent Side Grinder This Is Us
Sextile Current Affair (feat. Sienná)
Crystal Castles Celestica
Hante. In Cold Water
Bootblacks A Pale Fire
Depeche Mode Lie To Me
HøRD Heart (Part I)
Veil Veil Vanish Anthem For A Doomed Youth
Skeleton Hands Ravage
White Lies To Lose My Life
Lust for Youth New Boys
TRAITRS Youth Cults
Frank (Just Frank) Do the Soviet
Led Er Est Port Isabel
Black Marble Iron Lung
Savages Husbands
Soft Kill From This Point On
All Your Sisters Come Feel
The Chameleons The Fan and the Bellows
Choir Boy Sunday Light
Cold Cave Confetti
Boy Harsher Motion
Actors Slaves

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