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This is where you can find our favorite weekly new music. Whether we're listening to post-punk, darkwave, coldwave, dream pop, deathrock, punk, downtempo, or another underground music genre we want to share our new music discoveries with you.

Week 21, 2019

Today New York
by Grim Streaker

by Wish Hounds

by Funayūrei

Week 20, 2019

Xray Me
by Kamoos

by The Curves

Week 19, 2019

Modern Discipline
by Flexing



Week 18, 2019

from LP by Endless ColumnEndless Column started in 2010 when Doug Burns (Observers, Red Dons) moved to Chicago and started the band together with Jimmy Hollywood (Tyrades), David Wolf (Daylight Robbery) and Eric Watts. These are some of our favorite modern bands. This LP is shipping out on or around April 30, 2019, but it was recorded in December 2015. Not brand new, but so worth it, check it out!

Не играй
from Перемены настроения by Весна Весна


Week 17, 2019

We've Been Here Before
by Meta4Machine

Become Death​

Negative Gears
by Negative Gears

Week 16, 2019

All The Time
from How Am I Not Myself? by French Vanilla

You Get Off (To The Beat Of My Heart)
from Turned On But Always Off EP by Lacey Spacecake

Week 15, 2019

by Droves

Aiz ādas
by Plenērs

Week 14, 2019


by Catalogue

Plenty Of Room
by The Aberdeen


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new music
We all have our favorite music blog or friends that share new music with us. We can use our weekly streaming service's discover playlist or the similar artists' pages from different musician databases. Erica and I have found that even these miss newer smaller more DIY bands or underground music. We'll post new music we've found each week so that you can have one more discovery resource for underground music and so, frankly, we don't forget what we've found ourselves. 😉

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