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Deep Tissue - Patience or Fear - Debut Full Length LP Release

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Deep Tissue Genres: Post-punk, Deathrock, and Punk

Deep Tissue Similar Artists: The Sisters of Mercy, Sad Lovers and Giants, The Chameleons, The Cure, Cocteau Twins.

Deep Tissue - Mood Swing - Single

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Mood Swing Single Quote - Mood Swing is about desperately wanting your life to change for the better but being so down, and so clouded by negative thoughts, that you canʼt bring yourself to believe itʼll ever really change.
The title of the record, Patience Or Fear, comes from a line in Mood Swing. Itʼs Lauren questioning that old saying "good things come to those who wait," wondering if itʼs more like Iʼm looking for an excuse to give in to apathy and not take any action. Fear is the root of that.

Deep Tissue - Band Biography

Deep Tissue was formed by Shaun Nelson (guitar), Arthur Wurt (bass), and Adam Moffitt (drums,) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the summer of 2017. After recording a handful of instrumental demos and searching for a singer, the group was introduced to Lauren Leilani Iona in the summer of 2018.

Lauren tracked vocals in the studio for what is known as their first self-titled album. The release included 4 songs, which was put out on Disinfect records, a punk label from Australia. Geoff Smith later joined the group on second guitar in the winter of 2019.

After briefly touring that spring, the group spent the rest of 2019 writing and recording their first LP, “Patience or Fear”, released on Play Alone Records in June 2020. The songs are catchy, melodic with driving punk undertones.

Deep Tissue intends to tour in support of their record. The band has since been working on new demos with the plan of recording another album.

Deep Tissue - Press coverage

"Though there’s no drop-off in passion, Deep Tissue is a serious departure from Gaz’s chaos. They’re a dizzying blur of XTC-esque guitar work, mid ’80’s DC emotional anguish, and dreamy, dark rhythms. The opening track “Mood Swing” encapsulates this: heavy, full guitars drape perfectly over a wiry beat, while strain, bordering on desperate vocals tell stories of “feeling stupid” in the face of life’s minutiae, a feeling so overwhelming and engrossing that to live in those moments of disappointment feels like you’re experiencing a great loss. Where the heck did this band come from?" - Alex Smith of The Key on WXPN 88.5

Featured on '100 bands who wrote 2018 in the world of Dark Music' - Jean Marc Junod of

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